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9 Things To Look For When Buying A Vape Pen For Cannabis

If you’re buying a vape pen, you’ll likely need to navigate a large selection of options. We’ll explain the main things to look for when shopping for a vape, so you get the right one for you.

What is a Vape Pen?

vape pen is a handheld device made up of a battery and an atomizer that attaches to a cartridge. This cartridge can contain concentrates made up of various cannabinoids, like THC, CBD, and delta 8 THC. 

The vape pen battery powers the atomizer, which is the heating device that vaporizes the concentrate. The heated concentrate produces vapor rather than smoke, resulting in a smoother, terpene-forward vaping experience. 

Vape pens come in a variety of designs, some more customizable than others. More complex vape pens allow you to set temperature, wattage, and airflow to your personal preference. 

Things to Consider Before Buying a Vape Pen

With the variety of options on the market, narrowing down the best vape pen for your needs can be challenging. Consider the following factors when shopping for a vape pen:

  • Where you’ll want to use your vape pen. Some vape pens are more discreet than others. Generally, disposable and 510-threaded vape pens are slimmer, smaller and oftentimes produce a lighter scent.. On the other hand, some vape pens allow you to load your concentrate or dry herb, which, while convenient, is a far less discrete setup. Consider whether you’ll be using your vape pen in the privacy of your home or in the company of others before making your choice. 
  • Budget. Before purchasing a vape pen, consider how much you want to spend on your battery. In a pinch, vape pen batteries can be purchased at smoke shops for around $20. However, investing in a higher-quality battery from a reliable brand can often save money in the long run, as they’ll generally last longer. 
  • What you’ll be consuming in your vape. Whether you prefer wax, cannabis oil, or dry herb, there’s a vape pen on the market that can meet your needs. If you prefer a minimal setup and maximum THC, consider a vape pen that connects to an oil cartridge. If dry herb or wax is more your speed, look into vaporizers that personally allow you to load your cannabis product into a heating chamber. 
  • Design. While some vape pens just require screwing on a cartridge, others let you choose your dose and load the product in yourself. Additionally, consider how customizable you want your vaping experience to be. Some batteries are simply equipped with an on/off button, but others allow you to adjust the temperature, wattage, and airflow.
  • Flavor. When you heat cannabis products at high heat, you risk burning off the terpenes that give each strain its unique aroma and taste. If a strong flavor is what you’re looking for, consider a vape pen with adjustable temperature or multiple temperature settings. Adjusting the temperature allows you to ultimately control how flavorful the produced vapor is. 
  • Brand. Some vape pen batteries are better than others. Doing preliminary research and finding a reliable brand like Vessel will help you invest in a battery that is designed for a higher-quality vaping experience. Higher quality vape pens will not only last longer between charges but also won’t need to be replaced as often. 

Types of Vapes

The best type of vape pen to purchase depends on your needs. There are four main types of vape pens:

  • Disposable. These single-use vape pens are already filled with concentrate or cannabis oil. Disposable vape pens can simply be purchased at your favorite dispensary and used right away. While some disposable vape pens are rechargeable, most have batteries that last until the concentrate is gone. 
  • Compatible with a cartridge. These slim batteries are rechargeable and connect to a cartridge. Though 510-threaded is the most common size--and is compatible with most cartridges on the market--vape pen batteries come in a variety of sizes. Pre-filled cartridges can be purchased at the dispensary, and empty cartridges are available at most smoke shops. 
  • Load-it-yourself. Whether it’s dry herb or dabs, these vape pens allow you to load your perfect dose into a heating chamber, where the product is vaporized. Most of these devices are completely customizable, allowing you to adjust the temperature, wattage, and airflow to your liking.

When looking for a vape pen to purchase, keep an eye out for the following items:

1. Quality airflow 

Airflow is pretty important when it comes to choosing a vape pen. After all, that’s kind of the point, right? The ability to change the airflow, as well as a physical design that promotes high-performance air intake, is crucial.

Increased airflow is less harsh on the throat, results in more vapor and has a cooler draw. A decreased airflow can be harsh on the throat, offers less vapor, and has a tighter, warmer draw. 

2. A vape pen that turns off automatically

If you tend to be forgetful (totally guilty), a vape pen that turns off automatically is a must! Look for a pen that turns off automatically after 15 to 20 minutes. This will help to preserve your battery so you’ll never be left stranded with a dead pen.

And if you’re the type to let your vape pen loose in your purse, you won’t have to worry about those buttons being pressed by mistake and your pen staying on all day. 

3. Long-lasting battery power

Nobody wants to carry around a dead vape pen. That’s why it’s important to buy one that has the best battery life available. You don’t want to be in the middle of a festival or a heated political argument with that twice-removed uncle at Thanksgiving with a DEAD vape.

Look for a pen that has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery (240mAh). Casual users can expect a week’s worth of battery life from one charge. 

 4. 510 thread compatibility

A vape pen with a 510 thread compatibility will be capable of working with the most quality cannabis oil cartridges and is considered the market standard. This means that you’ll have more choices and options when it comes to choosing cannabis oils for your vape pen.

Keep in mind that some cannabis oil brands use cartridges of varying widths. So, while it may be a 510 thread, it won’t always fit. Brands like Vessel make it even easier to make sure your oil cartridge will fit. According to their website:

5. At least three power settings

A variety of power settings are a must for any quality vape pen. Not everyone has the same needs when vaping, so having options is always important. This is part of the reason why cannabis vaporizers are growing in popularity because they allow consumers to really customize their experience.

These settings will help control the dosage per inhale and are typically offered as low, medium, and high. Look for a vape pen that offers power settings such as 2.8V, 3.2V and 3.6V.

6. Smart design

A quality vape pen will keep technology in mind with regard to design. Looks are important, but intuitive features are what will really set a pen apart.

A high-tech pen should offer key features like a battery life indicator (so you know when you’re low,) power settings (to change your dose,) and charging status. 

7. USB charging

Many marijuana vape pens offer a USB charging port. Any pen that requires you to unscrew it for charging may be a little behind the times.

This can be pretty inconvenient and simply unnecessary when so many vape pens offer USB and magnetic USB charging cords. 

8. Style

While style may not be the most important factor when choosing a vape pen, it certainly does matter.

Look for vape pen brands that offer a sleek design with a variety of colors and aesthetic features that make you feel good. Looking good is feeling good, so why not choose a pen that allows you to vape in style?

9. Warranty 

A vape pen brand that stands behind its products is much more likely to offer a warranty. If you come across a company offering a warranty (typically 6 months) on their pens like Vessel, you may feel more confident in your purchase.

While all vape pen brands are different, the warranty may offer benefits like replacement or repair of your product. 

Buying a vape pen for marijuana should be fun, but it should also be treated as an investment. If cannabis is part of your health and wellness routine, you’ll want to make sure that your vape pen is up to par.

And, make sure to always be careful about where you purchase the cannabis oil that you plan on using in the vape pen. Counterfeit oils do exist, so always make sure to get yours from a reliable source, like a dispensary.  

Happy vaping!