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Nothing else compares.

Introducing Compass. The Compass features an incredible high-capacity battery, our signature tuned airflow and an unparalleled ergonomic design that feels like it belongs in your hand.

You deserve better.

Introducing the next chapter of beautifully crafted accessories by Vessel. We pulled together every element to deliver effortless performance in style. This collection is the definitive movement for the dry herb purist. Ash is here.

This is a guide to using cannabis resin, the most potent form of THC concentrate. Learn how to collect it, make kief and wax, and more!
  • 6 min read
Wondering when to harvest your cannabis plants? Determining the right time to harvest your cannabis can be tricky. Learn about the different stages of the plant's life cycle and when is the best time to harvest for maximum potency and benefits.
  • 4 min read
Keep your smoking sessions running smoothly by deep cleaning your grinder with this easy guide. Learn how to clean your grinder using household items with this easy-to-follow guide.
  • 4 min read