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Introducing BRXNDLAB, a newly launched division of Vessel. As the leading brand focused on product design, our team’s experience provides brands tremendous opportunity to not only strengthen engagement with loyal customers but to expand their reach in acquiring new ones. We support our brand partners with cutting edge execution across the most critical touchpoints in every consumer experience. Be unique, differentiate your brand. 

Why we're different.

Over 100 companies and brands supported to date. Served on over 20 boards. Built the leading cannabis brands in California. Advise and executing for the largest cannabis MSOs. Trusted to manage over $20M/mo in customer acquisition for the world’s top brands and mobile games. Developed and launched over 800 products in nearly every category and industry. Track record for category creation, disruption and leadership. Built some of the largest retail programs globally. Decades of big box retail experience, but direct-to-consumer is where we obsess. Go-to-market is what we do. Design is what we’re known for. We’re more thoughtful than most. We’re athletic and nimble in our approach. We stay curious. Know the unknown. We do our own work.

Focus on our people - we’re the reason all of this happens. We change the way people think and do. It’s the kind of influence that makes anything possible.

Designing the industry forward.

This emerging market, while nascent, is becoming increasingly crowded with much of the same and you need to differentiate. You inspired us to take on the challenge of creating unforgettable designs - simplicity was paramount to our approach. Our promise is to make every experience more expressive and personal, and to deliver the best performance in our line of products. The collection is an honest display of our attention to detail and craftsmanship that's second to none.

Our journey continues.

Introducing the next chapter of beautifully crafted accessories from Vessel. We worked tirelessly to sculpt a dry herb experience unlike any other. As one would expect, we pulled together every element to deliver effortless performance in style. This collection is the definitive movement for the dry herb purist.

Brand & Packaging Development.

Designing experiences is the driving ethos for our team. We've developed and launched over 800+ products in nearly every category and industry. Our track record for category creation, disruption and leadership presents absolute strategic value to your team as we formulate ways to design and develop the most compelling brands for your consumers.

Product Design.

Thoughtful intentionality. The next stage of where design intent is going. Creating customer experiences they will talk about is where so many struggle today. Product design, product mix, user experiences, packaging, social and environmental support - it’s the ability to bring this all together in a tight package that motivates people to move and try whatever we have to offer. We'll support your team in delivering compelling experiences time and time again.

Twisting the narrative.

Vessel again upends the status quo with the industry’s most advanced one-hitter technology. Welcome Helix. Designed and executed as only Vessel can, Helix breaks from the pack to deliver performance and style in a never-before-seen form. The patent pending double helix design provides the perfect combination of cooling and filtering for an experience, unlike any other.


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