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What to Know to Get Started Vaping CBD

CBD is the highly prevalent sister to THC in the cannabis plant. This popular cannabinoid is known for its soothing mind and body effects. However, CBD also lacks the psychedelic that makes THC primarily recreational.

Cannabinoids offer a broad spectrum of benefits ranging from specific symptom management to overall feelings of wellness. CBD is well reported to have positive effects on pain, digestion, anxiety, and other discomforts while leaving the user with a clear head to handle work or personal matters with equal energy. 

There are a lot of good reasons to introduce CBD vaping into your routine. But first, let's talk about why we vape CBD in the first place.


Why Vape CBD Instead of Other Methods?

With so many ways to enjoy the benefits of cannabis and cannabis products, why vape? There are several good reasons why vaping has become so wildly popular in the cannabis world. 

When comparing vape to dry herb, the benefits are clear. While there is nothing quite like the full-spectrum, full-flavor experience of smoking cannabis, vaping has a less harsh effect on the respiratory system, leaves you less congested, and also accumulates far less residue on your walls if you vape indoors. Also, when vaping, you don’t have to deal with an open flame or fire. Vaping is therefore a clean, safe, and approachable way to enjoy cannabis.

When you compare CBD vape to gummies or topicals, it's all about what you're going for. Vape is quick acting while gummies are slower to act - and topicals target a single area of the body instead of providing a more holistic range of benefits.


How Can You Vape CBD? The 510 Cartridge vs Refillable Vape Tanks

The best way to vape CBD is using a pre-filled cartridge of CBD-rich cannabis oil. But really, there are two methods. When vaping first came on the scene, refillable tanks were a bigger hit, especially in the smoking replacement crowd. Refillable tanks suggest buying bottles of CBD-infused carrier oil. But vape oil does go bad over a long enough time and refillable tanks are much more finicky to maintain with parts that need replacing and regular cleaning.

That is why the cannabis world has overwhelmingly chosen the 510 thread cartridge - a small pre-filled tank and wick with a standard connector that works for all vape pens and mod boxes. If you want to vape CBD, look for 510 CBD carts. They should be easy to find.


The Best Uses of Vaping CBD

We've talked about what CBD is, why we vape it, and the best way to find it in stores. Vaping CBD has the benefit of convenience and when a slim 510 CBD cartridge is attached to a vape pen battery, they are also nearly invisible. So what are the best times and situations to try CBD vaping?

Vape CBD Before or After an Exercise

One of the most beneficial ways to use CBD is as an exercise supplement. CBD shares the cannabinoid family's ability to ease inflammation and has been used specifically to manage pain. While this began as a purely medical exploration, soon athletes discovered that CBD before or after a workout can significantly reduce the pain of muscle fatigue and rapidly decrease the recovery time between workouts.

CBD vaping is fast-acting, so you will start to feel the beneficial effects instantly or within five minutes of inhaling and then slowly exhaling your CBD vape. Combine CBD with plenty of water and you'll be back to your routine with considerably fewer aches and pains in between.

Take a CBD Vape Pen With You to Restaurants

If you typically have some trouble relaxing for a good meal or have digestive problems that make restaurant visits less enjoyable for you, try bringing some CBD along. Vape a little CBD in the parking lot or on the terrace before going into the restaurant with friends and family. This can help ease tension and anxiety if you struggle with either and also ease pain and inflammation if these issues are what make dining out uncomfortable for you.

Many have reported that CBD is the key to enjoying group outings and shared meals comfortably again. A small CBD vape pen in your pocket can make the difference in being able to embrace a good time out with friends.

Make It Through a Long Event by Vaping CBD

If you have a long event day coming up, consider how CBD vaping can help you get through it. Whether you are braving a busy conference, walking a fairgrounds from end to end, or traveling across the country, a CBD vape can help reduce both the anxiety and the muscle aches that come from a long and taxing day. If you need to make it through a great deal of activity without a lot of time for breaks, CBD vaping can both reduce your discomfort in the moment and reduce the total muscle aches you experience as a result of a taxing day.

Enjoy a Soothing CBD Vape Before Bed

Finally, CBD has been known to improve your sleep quality and depth by helping you manage discomforts that detract from your sleep. If you typically have trouble sleeping due to anxiety, muscle spasms, inflammation, or even bad dreams, including a soothing CBD vape session as part of your bedtime ritual can help you get better sleep on a regular basis.

Consider a CBD vape with a mug of tea on the back porch as you unwind before bed. If you're a hot bath kind of person, bring your vape pen to the bathtub and enjoy a long soak paired with the relaxing effects of CBD on the body. You'll be ready for better sleep as soon as your head hits the pillow.


The Right Vape Pen for the Job

Finding the right vape pen for CBD is a different experience for everyone. But we do know that good design makes for a sleek, personalized pen and reliably high performance. VESSEL has worked hard to design the perfect vape pen that not only provides an excellent battery for your CBD vape carts, but also offers quality design and durability.

VESSEL makes it easy for you to travel with your CBD vape. If you're a fan of cannabis consumption, we would be proud to become your 510-thread vape pen of choice.