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What is a Wax Pen?

A wax pen is designed for dabbing on the go. But what is a wax pen? And how does it work? 

This article explores these questions, dissects the difference between wax pens and dab pens, and delves into exactly how to use your device. 

What is a wax pen?

A wax pen makes smoking THC concentrate--also known as dabbing--a portable endeavor. 

A wax pen utilizes battery-powered coils to vaporize THC concentrate--also called wax, dabs, budder, 710, shatter, crumble, or honey oil, based on consistency. This concentrate contains high levels of THC, typically ranging from 40 percent up to as high as 90 percent. These THC levels are up to four times more potent than high-grade marijuana flower, which typically contains no more than 20 percent THC. 

When heated to its melting point, wax produces a THC-rich vapor. When you inhale this vapor, you’ll likely experience a stronger high than you would from smoking dry herb with way fewer hits. 

A wax pen simplifies the dabbing process into a portable, battery-powered operation. Instead of relying on your rig and torch, simply set your ideal temperature, load wax into the pen, and get high. 

How does a wax pen work?

A wax pen vaporizes your THC concentrate quickly and easily. 

These devices are made up of three main parts: the battery connects to an atomizing chamber, which in turn connects to a mouthpiece.

Your pen’s atomizers contain coils that heat up when your battery is turned on. These coils are typically made from metal, therefore, they can reach and maintain the higher temperatures needed to vaporize your wax. 

Using a wax pen is simple: heat your device and load your concentrate onto the coils in the atomizing chamber. The heat from the atomizer’s coils instantly melt your wax, producing THC-heavy vapor. Inhaling this vapor recreates the experience and side effects of dabbing--without all the butane. 

How to use a wax pen

So, you know what a wax pen is. You know the basics of how it works. Now it’s time to learn how to use one. Follow these steps to take fat dabs from wherever you please. 

1. Assemble and turn on your device 

Connect your battery, chamber, and mouthpiece to assemble your device. Read the instructions to learn the details about your specific device. 

2. Set the temperature 

This step helps you customize your dabbing experience. Lower temperatures highlight the flavor of your concentrate, allowing you to taste the strain’s unique terpenes. Higher temperatures produce more vapor and bigger clouds. Decide on what you prefer (or settle somewhere in the middle) and play around until you find a temperature that works for you. 

3. Load your wax 

Give your device a second to heat, and prepare to load your wax into the chamber. Use your dab tool to scoop your desired amount of concentrate and place it on a coil in your chamber. Repeat for however many coils are in your atomizer: you can place a dab on every coil. 

4. Vape

Once your vape is heated and loaded, it’s time for the best part. Pull vapor from your mouthpiece to your heart’s content--or until your device is out of wax.

5. Clean your device 

While you don’t have to clean your wax pen every single time, buildup can occur if too much time passes between cleaning. Your pen can be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol, salt, and a Q-tip. Quick wipedowns between dabbing sessions can be helpful to maintain your device in the long run. 

What is the difference between a vape pen and a wax pen?

Dab pens and wax pens both vaporize THC concentrate. However, these two types of devices are very different. 

When using a wax pen, you load wax into your device dab by dab. While this feature allows you to customize the size of your dab, it also means your device needs to be loaded (and cleaned) more often than a dab pen. 

While dab pens are less customizable, they are also less maintenance than your wax pen. Dab pens are compatible with oil cartridges. While users can fill their own cartridges, cartridges that have already been measured out are available at local dispensaries. Simply buy a cartridge compatible with your battery, connect it to your battery, turn it on, and pull vapor from the mouthpiece. When the cartridge is empty, you can just throw it out and get a new one. 

What is the difference between a dab and wax pen?

Wax pens are designed to make the dabbing experience more convenient. 

Traditional dabbing involves a rig, torch, and dab tool. To dab, heat up your banger/nail with your torch until it’s red hot. Let it cool to your desired temperature, and use your tool to add your concentrate into your banger. Now, hit your rig like it’s a bong: pull vapor from the tube-like mouthpiece. (Use a carb cap to control the airflow through your rig). 

Though dabbing has its loyal following, carrying around a torch isn’t a feasible option most days.  As an answer to this problem, wax pen simplifies the process. Instead of a torch, your battery heats up the device’s atomizer, which in turn vaporizes the wax. It’s cleaner, safer, and much more portable than traditional dabbing. 

The bottom line

Dabbers make up a huge subsect of the stoner community: it’s hard to say no to a powerful, concentrated dab. Wax pens make dabbing easier, cleaner, and more discrete, so you can take dabbing anywhere and everywhere. 


What is the point of a wax pen? 

A wax pen is a battery-powered device that vaporizes THC concentrate. It simplifies the dabbing process while keeping it discrete and portable. 

Are wax pens illegal? 

Wax pens are legal and can be purchased at most head shops. While public consumption of marijuana remains federally illegal, wax pens can be used to vaporize any concentrate. 

How much does a wax pen cost?

While most wax pens cost less than $100, the typical range for a wax pen ranges from $30 to $150. 

Where to buy a wax pen?

Wax pens can be purchased online or at most head shops. Don’t be afraid to ask questions to smoke shop employees about the devices they carry: Express what you’re looking for in a wax pen to get help in finding the best one for your needs.