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Vessel Partners with Birch+Fog to Serve Canadian Markets

Vessel Partners with Birch+Fog to Serve Canadian Markets

US Based Consumer Technology Company, Vessel Brand, Inc. enters into strategic partnership with leading Canadian e-tailer, Birch + Fog

SAN DIEGO, March 21, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Consumer technology company, Vessel Brand, Inc., and plant-powered wellness retailer Birch + Fog, proudly announced a strategic partnership naming Birch + Fog the preferred retailer of Vessel in Canada. This partnership marks the first international relationship for both brands, bringing together two leading consumer-focused businesses who have set themselves apart through pairing the highest quality products and unparalleled power with data analytics and uncompromising customer service.

"Birch + Fog is synonymous with quality. They have built a brand consumers trust and have leveraged technology to better serve those customers - the same tenets by which we have built our brand. Our partnership was an organic one, born from the collective commitment to elevating the consumer experience," says James Choe, Co-Founder of Vessel Brand, Inc.

Canadian consumers can now enjoy high-quality, plant-powered wellness products with the beautifully designed and thoughtfully crafted Vessel devices in one seamless transaction. With an exclusive offer, Birch + Fog customers can begin their collection of Vessel products by receiving 25% off their first Vessel device when they bundle it with the cartridge of their choice.

"We look at Vessel products as an opportunity to raise the bar on the consumption experience. Through this partnership with Vessel, we are able to continue to deliver on our promise to help make the most of the moments that matter," says Christine Adams of Birch + Fog.

At the center of each brand's success is their commitment to their customers. From the community each has built, to the consumer education they share and customer feedback they internalize, Vessel and Birch + Fog are cementing themselves within the industry through an exceptionally loyal fan base. "Our customers are everything. We wouldn't be here without the trust and loyalty they've shown us and we intend on continuing to earn that loyalty every day, in everything we do," says Choe.

Vessel's formal entrance into the Canadian market via this partnership is a signal of the brand's rapid growth. Since its launch in September of 2018 Vessel has seen near triple-digit growth month over month, boasting sales in all 50 states and an expanding international audience.

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Vessel - The industry leader in luxury consumer technology, Vessel works tirelessly to bring forth new innovation and designs to set new industry standards. In this emerging market, one thing has become clear - it is the duty of brands like Vessel to be an agent of education and change that consumers can learn from and look to. Vessel's commitment is to designing exquisite product and elevating the consuming experience.

Birch + Fog - The lifestyle collective for plant-powered wellness essentials designed to elevate your mind, nourish your body, and enhance your perception of beauty. It's an unadulterated celebration of life, happiness, and health. Through our holistic approach to a plant-powered lifestyle, we're here to help you make the most of the moments that matter.

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SOURCE Vessel Brand, Inc.

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