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The Perfect Gift for Holiday Giving

The Perfect Gift for Holiday Giving

You might know you want to purchase a new vape pen for yourself or your special someone, but aren’t sure which type, style, or brand is right. Finding the best vape pen can be difficult in this growing and rapidly changing market. The many styles, brands, and price ranges can make starting the shopping process a bit confusing and intimidating. However, it can be a fun, exciting purchase that doesn’t have to be difficult to make.

When shopping for a new vape pen, a world of useful knowledge is at your fingertips. We hope that this information will help you decide which type of vape pen is right for you or your loved one, so that you can buy with confidence this holiday season.

Vessel Signature Features

The anatomy of a vape pen consists of a few different key components. Vessel vape pens have more advanced, eco-friendly technologies than your standard low-quality vape pens.

Vessel vape pens consist of:

  • 510 Thread Battery: a long lasting 240 mAh battery powers the device. Vessel vape pens also fit most 510 thread cartridges.
  • Performance Air Intake: a section of the device specifically designed to give powerful, tasty draws from the vape pen.
  • Smart Battery: Vessel vape pens feature an auto shut-off function saving battery and accidental button presses while in your pocket.
  • 3 Power Settings: to give consumers more options, Vessel vape pens feature 3 different power settings allowing for a truly customized vaping experience.
  • LED Indicator: The LED lights on Vessel vape pens show how much power is left as well as which of the three power/temperature settings the device is on.
  • Magnetic Charge Port: allows for easy charging, conveniently located on the bottom of the device. The days of having to unscrew your cartridge to charge your vape pen are finally over.

Why Vape Pens

Vape pens are the most popular style of vaping device on the market. Instead of smoking cannabis, more and more consumers are opting for vape pens for their convenience and to minimize smoke inhalation. However, no two vape pens are exactly alike. Vessel strives to stay on the cutting edge of design and technology to offer the best vape pen possible. Some vape pens are rechargeable, like Vessel, while others are disposable. Disposables are harmful to the environment and more expensive in the long run. Vessel vape pens can conveniently receive a long-lasting charge via USB magnetic charging cable. Additionally, newer vape pens, like Vessel, offer the ability to customize power and temperature.

Buying a Vape Pen

When choosing which vape pen is best for you, choose a design that you feel is an expression of your personality. There are many different styles and designs out there, most of which use cheap, low-quality materials. There are benefits to buying a model that has proven, great reviews, like Vessel products. Not only do you know what you are getting, you also know the combination of components is one that has a track record of working well. Vessel vape pens are built to last, and with several designs available, there’s no need to look elsewhere to find the best vape pen for you.

Rechargeable Vape Pens vs. Cheap Disposable

Vessel vape pens are more durable and longer lasting than disposable devices. Across the board, rechargeable vape pens offer a richer vapor, a longer battery life, and a better investment. Disposable vape pens tend to offer weak, less flavorful vapor draws, due to limits of size and technology. If you are in the market for something premium, long lasting, with a signature design – you’re in luck. Vape pens for sale across the board, including Vessel’s product lineup, are becoming slimmer, sleeker, and more fashionable. It is no longer necessary to settle for a disposable for the sake of discretion or portability. To read more on the benefits of having a rechargeable device, view our article “Disposable vs. Rechargeable Vape Pen: Which is the Better Investment?”.

Temperature Control Technology

Vessel vape pens have three temperature settings for the perfect vaping experience. The LED indicator light changes between three colors, clearly shows which power setting the device is on. This technology is relatively new, and is changing the face of vaping. These vape pen settings work by detecting how the resistance of the coil changes as it heats up. Then, it limits power based on the user’s preferred setting to ensure that it doesn't produce vapor that is hotter or cooler than the consumer wants. Not only does this new technology ensure better vapor, it’s also the most customized way to deliver the perfect draw.

What Vessel Offers

There are many great vape pens on the market, but Vessel is a superior choice. At the $100 mark, you receive a vape pen with the latest technology, the safest temperature control and the sleekest style. Vessel vape pens are premium, versatile, and durable. Vessel also gives back to the environment by putting an affordable price point on a high-quality reusable vape pen, so that fewer vapers opt for disposable options.

If you are shopping for a loved one, a friend, or yourself this holiday season, check out the wide selection of beautiful, built-to-last vape pens offered by Vessel. They are truly a gift that will keep on giving.