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How to Use a Vape Pen Battery

How to Use a Vape Pen Battery

When you purchase a new, high-quality vape pen from Vessel, you can enjoy the multitude of benefits from your premium oil of choice. However, it is important to know how to use your pen before your take your first hit. Knowing how to use and how to maintain your vape pen is a key factor in keeping it in good shape for years to come. Here are a few tips for getting the most out of your Vessel vape pen from your first purchase.

How to Use a Vape Pen:

When you purchase a Vessel vape pen set, you receive your sleek new vape pen, a magnetic USB charger, and a quick start guide. You will have to purchase your cartridges separately. The black plastic cartridge included with your Vessel vape pen is not functional and you should remove it before your first use. 

When you first open your packaging, remove the black cartridge by turning it counterclockwise. Discard the black cartridge and replace it with a new, prefilled cartridge. Next, read through the quick start guide carefully to ensure that you use the vape correctly.

Your Vessel vape comes with three power/voltage settings that you can control using the main button. You can control your vape pen settings through the following mechanisms:

  • Click the main button five times to turn it on. When the vape pen is on, the lights should turn on. 
  • Next, you can click the button three times to toggle through the three voltage settings. The voltage settings refer to the strength of the vape you will inhale. Vessel recommends starting on the lowest setting.
  • The three settings have different voltages and colors attached to them. The lowest setting is Cyan at 2.8 volts. The medium setting is Yellow at 3.2 volts. The highest setting is Magenta at 3.6 volts.
  • To turn the vape pen off, click the main button five times. If you forget to turn your vape pen off, it will automatically turn off.

What Cartridges Are Compatible With Vessel Vape Pens?

We manufacture your Vessel vape pen to be compatible with market standard cartridges, also known as 510 thread cartridges. However, different oil cartridges may be too wide depending on the brand. If you need a measurement, your Vessel pen can accommodate oil cartridges up to 10.7mm. If you need to insert a larger cartridge, you can remove the top of your pen to fit the cartridge.

(View More on Cartridge Compatibility Here)

How Do You Start Vaping?

To start vaping with your new Vessel pen, turn your vape on and cycle to your desired power setting. As you inhale, press the power button. Inhale as if you are sipping until you receive the desired amount of vapor.

Vessel’s vape pens include specially designed air intakes so you can enjoy optimal vapor pulls. You do not need to preheat or prime your vape and you can enjoy a more efficient burn with a Vessel pen. If you have not vaped before, you should start slow. We recommend beginning with light, gentle pulls until you feel comfortable with your amount of vapor intake. 

How Do You Charge Your Vessel Vape Pen?

Your Vessel vape pen contains a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and can last up to 1 to 2 weeks with moderate use. If you use your Vessel vape heavily, you may need to charge your pen after a day or two. We recommend that you do not charge your vape until the indicator light is blinking. This is to keep your battery at maximum efficiency. 

When you need to charge your vape, connect your pen to the included magnetic USB charger and a power block. While charging, your pen will continue to blink. When your pen finishes charging, the lights will turn off. You should not use any non-Vessel charging cables to charge your vape pen – this could lead to damage to your pen.

You should keep your magnetic USB charging cable away from any metal objects. You should also unplug your charging cable when you are not using it. Because the cable is magnetic, it may connect to metal unintentionally. 

How Do You Clean Your New Vape Pen?

You should clean your Vessel vape pen regularly to keep it in high-quality condition. Sometimes, new vape owners can experience issues with charging after a few months or weeks of use, depending on how heavily they vape. This problem is usually due to oil residue blocking power connection points. 

You want to make sure that your power connection points are free and clear of any leftover oil residue or particles that may accumulate during regular use. Before you start cleaning your vape pen, power it off completely. Use a cotton swab and some rubbing alcohol to gently clean your connection points.

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