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How To Shop For A CBD Vape Pen?

Vaping CBD is quickly proving itself to be one of the easiest, most potent methods available to consume this cannabinoid. For those seeking a potential treatment for anxiety, insomnia, or chronic pain, vaping CBD may be a helpful option with its ability to provide accelerated relief. 

However, with seemingly endless options and a wide price range, demystifying the cannabis market can be quite an uphill battle — especially for those who are relatively inexperienced. So, let’s break down the basics of how to shop for a CBD vape pen and turn the buying process into an educated success instead of a stressful game of chance. 

What is a CBD Vape Pen?

A CBD vape pen is essentially like any other vaping device, just specifically made for CBD oil consumption. Equipped with a simple body, CBD vape pens are typically battery-powered and consist of three parts — an atomizer, sensors and a rechargeable battery. Working together, these parts are able to heat oil cartridges, like that of CBD (or THC), and produce the vapor that you can inhale. Breathing in these vapors is ultimately what allows users to feel the effects of CBD, most commonly used for managing/helping with stress, anxiety, sleep issues, etc. 

What Vape Pen Should You Buy For CBD?

A 510-threaded vape pen battery is compatible with most CBD cartridges.

However, cartridge size isn’t the only factor to take into account. Heat settings, battery power, price, and overall reliability all contribute to the quality of a vape pen. 

Vessel carries a wide variety of reliable, customizable vape pen batteries. Every Vessel vape pen comes equipped with multiple heat settings and LED indicators for battery life and power settings. Their 510-threaded designs fit most CBD cartridges. 

Some, like the Expedition, are precision-designed for the highest quality experience. The Expedition features a drop-in cartridge design that protects your cartridge from damage. 

Where to Buy a CBD Vape Pen?

Figuring out where to buy a quality CBD vape pen or CBD vape pen kit is vital to creating positive vaping experiences. Both the cannabis and CBD marketplaces have recently become increasingly oversaturated with an abundance of vape pen options, of quality and otherwise. This is why it’s of the utmost importance you seek out reputable sources prior to purchasing products. It’s within this pool of products you’ll be able to find the best CBD vape pen for your needs. 

Rather than using a large online marketplace like Amazon — where the sale of such products is actually against the site’s policies — you should visit more transparent and reputable dispensaries / online shops for CBD vape pens and accessories. Purchasing from established brands like Vessel allows buyers to spend their money with confidence, understanding there’s a warranty that immediately activates as soon as the purchase is confirmed. These more quality brands will also typically have online forums to answer any common usage questions, return and refund options, and even vape pen maintenance tips

How To Tell If a CBD Vape Pen is Good in Quality?

As briefly stated above, finding and identifying a vape pen as quality can sometimes be a challenge. However, if you know what to look for, finding the best CBD vape pen for you can be more exciting than intimidating.

Disposable vs. Rechargeable 

Buyers should first give special consideration to how their potential CBD vape pen is constructed. When presented with disposable and rechargeable options, buyers will almost always want to purchase rechargeable pens. Disposable pens are not only less than environmentally friendly, but they’re also often made with cheap and questionable materials — quite the opposite of what’s desired for a device that’s intended for inhalation. Remember, if you’re using a rechargeable pen, it’s always important to get lab-tested cartridges that clearly state what’s in them. 

Design: Screw-top, Drop-In, or Rebuildable

Traditionally speaking, screw-top pen models can present a range of issues: leaking, contamination, easy child access, etc. In short, these models should be avoided in favor of CBD vape pens with a sleeker, more contained drop-in style that allows for cartridges to be completely encapsulated during usage. This style will help to protect the integrity of the oil cartridge and ensure a consistent vape. Or, if you’re looking for even more control and customization, rebuildable CBD vape pens present another option for those well-versed in vaping. 

How to Read The Label?

As vaping CBD continues to gain popularity for its potential medicinal qualities, its products — such as vape oil cartridges — are receiving greater testing and regulation. Any vape pen cartridge you purchase should always have a label noting details about its safety for consumption, potency or strength, and proper dosage. 


Thankfully, regulatory agencies do much of the groundwork in establishing limits for potentially harmful contents like pesticides, heavy metals, solvents, microbes and mycotoxins. All of these substances should be noted in the product’s test results. Not exclusive in the least, this information can and should be included in the cartridge’s certificate of analysis — a key element any quality cartridge will possess. Data results such as these, or a means to access them through code or scan, serve as a way to confirm the vape cart and its larger batch have been analyzed by a third party. 

Ingredients and Potency

Certificates of analysis will also include the cartridge’s cannabinoid and terpene profiles. Because CBD, and cannabis in general, has unique effects on every user, understanding how these chemical compounds and combinations alter and enhance your own experience can help create an improved, more educated and extra safe one. 

To Sum It Up

From where to buy the most complete CBD vape pen kit to narrowing down which is the best CBD vape pen on the market, understanding what qualities and information to look for is key. Ensuring quality and safety only helps to manifest an ideal vaping experience: one that can efficiently provide as many potential CBD benefits as possible. 


How does CBD vape make you feel?

It depends. Vaping CBD has a different effect on everyone. Because each consumer is unique in their own chemical makeup, CBD’s effects on their endocannabinoid systems are also unique. With that being said, most users find that vaping CBD helps them: manage pain/discomfort, feel more relaxed, and gain relief quickly. Unlike vaping THC, CBD will not promote any psychoactive effects

Will vaping CBD make me sleepy?

Maybe. Vaping CBD is well-loved for its ability to soothe and calm users almost immediately upon use. Chances are if insomnia is an issue for you, this impressive level of relaxation may promote sleepiness. However, CBD affects everyone differently and may not encourage sleep at all, especially if consumed in very small amounts. 

Can you vape CBD for pain relief?

Maybe. CBD vape pens have gained the traction they have largely for their potential ability to treat pain with quickness. While research on the cannabinoid is still ongoing, multiple studies have suggested its ability to inhibit both inflammatory and neuropathic pain — some of the toughest to treat. Many enjoy consuming CBD, specifically through vaping, because of its fast on-set, ideal for combatting random flare-ups that demand immediate relief. 

Can CBD pens help anxiety?

Maybe. CBD vape pens may be helpful in managing anxiety and feelings of stress. Using CBD has been shown to reduce anxiety and depression in both human and animal studies. This is most likely thanks to the cannabinoid’s ability to impact the brain’s receptors for serotonin / regulate social behavior and overall mood. Again, with its fast absorption rate via inhalation, vaping CBD may prove to be an impressive ally for those suffering from anxiety attacks or short-term bouts of stress. 

Does vaping CBD take effect quicker than other methods?

Yes. Vaping CBD can take effect faster than other methods of consumption, like edibles or topicals. Through inhalation, CBD reaches your bloodstream via the lungs rather than having to travel through your entire digestive system. This allows for effects to be felt in just a few minutes or almost immediately compared to an hour or more.

Is CBD safe to vape?

Vaping CBD can have numerous pain-relieving and potentially therapeutic benefits. Nevertheless, the research surrounding the general safety of vaping is in its early stages. Always look for a certificate of analysis when purchasing CBD cartridges for more information about how the product was tested and what ingredients it contains. 

Do all CBD cartridges fit all vape pens?

No, all CBD cartridges do not fit all vape pens. However, the most common size of vape cartridge is 510-threaded. Most CBD cartridges will fit 510-threaded vape pen batteries, such as the THIS ONE from Vessel. 

Alternatively, you can find vape pen batteries with an adjustable attachment port that fits nearly every cartridge on the market.