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Giving Back Is Part of Vessel’s DNA

Giving Back Is Part of Vessel’s DNA

Vape pens don’t have the best track record when it comes to environmental sustainability. Disposable plastic pens and cartridges are ending up in landfills by the billions, while irresponsible vape device companies continue to encourage waste and excess in the name of profitability. All of that, however, is about to change with one progressive vape pen company: Vessel®.

We're revolutionizing the vape pen industry with high quality, long-lasting, rechargeable vaporizers. Vessel’s superior-quality reusable devices have the power to eliminate e-waste – but our company’s environmental efforts don’t stop there. Vessel commits to making the world a better place by giving back. For each device sold, Vessel promises to volunteer its time and energy toward bettering the community. Partnering with Vessel means fighting for the future.

Rechargeable Vape Pens – the Sustainable Option

Disposable vaporizers promise convenience – but at what cost? The average disposable vape pen lasts about 150 seconds of inhalations, or around three days for the typical user. The cannabis vaping industry is on the rise, with more people than ever choosing this method. If every user disposes of a plastic vape pen every three days, that’s an average of 1,080 trillion devices in the dump per year. While this might be an overestimate, it provides a startling picture of the number of disposable devices that end up in landfills annually.

Most disposable vape users don’t bother recycling their devices or sending them to the correct hazardous waste collector. If you’re one of them, the time to make a change is now. Switch to a long-lasting rechargeable vape pen and break the trash tradition. Not only will a rechargeable vape pen from Vessel help the planet by cutting back on e-waste; it will also save you thousands of dollars on disposable devices over the years. Creating durable rechargeable vaporizers is Vessel’s first step toward making the world a better place.

Vessel’s Promise to the Planet

Vessel’s second step in our plan for a more sustainable vape pen industry is to give back. The pillars of the company include honesty, positive change, and well-being in the community. We take our role in the vape industry seriously. We're using our position for good – through a promise to volunteer the company’s time, energy, and leadership to a variety of worthy causes for every Vessel vape pen sold. Instead of simply profiting from device sales, Vessel is giving back to causes within the community such as:

  •       Education
  •       Innovation
  •       Environment
  •       Community development

That’s right – every time Vessel makes a sale, the community benefits. Vessel believes the cannabis vape pen manufacturing business is about connecting with people and creating memories. Part of this belief is making sure future generations have a healthy, safe space in which to enjoy their hobbies. Community involvement and volunteer work are Vessel’s ways of giving back.

Join the Cause: Shop Vessel Devices Now

Want to support Vessel in making the world a better place? You can share a part in this important push for a better future by purchasing your very own Vessel vape pen. Choose from several gorgeous designs, all available at the low price of $99.99. All Vessel devices are durable, rechargeable, and long-lasting to help reduce e-waste. Your purchase will also support Vessel’s promise to give back to the planet and the community. Shop today, save the world tomorrow!