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Fashion Accessory or New Vape Pen? Both.

Fashion Accessory or New Vape Pen? Both.

Vessel® has changed the cannabis vape pen industry from the very beginning. The brand bases its principles on what matters most: the people and the planet – not solely profits. Vessel has forged its own path to the top of the luxury vape pen battery market instead of taking competitors’ leads. From personalized luxury vape pens to a commitment to environmental sustainability, Vessel has made it clear it didn’t come to play – it came to win.

When you purchase a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind Vessel vape pen, you join something great. You benefit from a high-performance, long-lasting rechargeable device that cuts down on e-waste and pollution. You also get the chance to make a suave fashion statement. Vessel’s vape pen designs are as sleek and stylish as they are functional. Shop now for a dazzling, personalized vape pen that will turn heads every time you inhale.

Explore Our Jaw-Dropping Premium Designs

Vessel started with a simple goal: to meet a need that other brands weren’t filling. Cheap, disposable vape pens give consumers what they pay for: a subpar vaping experience. Why waste hundreds of dollars on dozens of disposable vape pens when you can get a rechargeable one from Vessel for just $99.99? Rechargeable vape pens from Vessel last longer, make much less of an impact on the environment, and create an expressive and personal way to vape. Here’s an overview of the exquisite designs in our collection:

  •      Slate/Walnut Wood Core. Real walnut wood and anodized aluminum blend for a stunning and modern look. Every single pen is unique thanks to genuine walnut wood. Referred to as the “Ferrari of vape pens” by one happy customer, this gorgeous device isn’t just for show – its performance is just as impressive as its looks.
  •      Black Expedition Core. A marriage between fashion and masculinity, the Black Expedition Core vape pen is tough, durable, and ready for adventure. A knurled grip design makes this Vessel’s easiest-to-hold pen, while a sleek design still makes it a must-see. This pen comes in all black, with a striking red magnetic charging port. (If you like this look, check out our Silver Expedition Core as well.)
  •      Rose Gold Style Core. Arguably one of our loveliest vape pens, the Rose Gold Style Core is the perfect complement to your rose gold iPhone or go-to bangle. This dazzling, trendy color on a cool anodized aluminum frame combines beauty and brains for what’s sure to become new your favorite fashion accessory.
  •      The Aubergine Style Core. A show-stopping matte vape pen that comes in aubergine (eggplant) color. The Aubergine is elegant, understated, and glamorous – always a step ahead of the curve. The cool anodized aluminum body provides a stunning appearance as well as superior functionality.

Vessel has a vape pen for everyone. Whether your look is subtle and classic or flashy and eye-catching, we have an original design that’s right for you. Vessel knocks vape pen design out of the park, but (believe it or not) that isn’t our only claim to fame. We’re proud to say our products boast superior performance, functionality, and longevity over our competitors as well.