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Elevating the Vaping Experience

Elevating the Vaping Experience

Vape pens have grown rapidly in popularity in the last few years, and many people have been discovering the advantages of these convenient, sleek devices like Vessel. They’re much more discreet and easier to use than older vape devices, and have gotten that way rapidly. Additionally, the legalization of recreational cannabis in many states has changed and expanded the face of the vaping market. At Vessel, we look to always be on the cutting edge of the vape pen market, providing premium materials, features, and designs that elevate your vaping experience. Here are our thoughts on designing the future of vape pens.

510 Thread Battery Format

Vessel vape pens feature 510 thread cartridge compatibility, and fit almost every 510 cartridge that exists. Most cannabis vape pen consumers are quite familiar with the 510 thread battery. This lightweight, screw-in cartridge, battery format is widely used across the marketplace, and has become a sort of de-facto standard for most manufacturers, similar to how computer manufacturers have mutually settled upon the USB standard for computer connections. For that reason, we decided to go with a 510 thread compatible vape pen. However, we know battery technology is rapidly improving, and the 510 thread battery may someday be replaced in favor of a new design. At Vessel, we will be prepared as we always look to be on the forefront of the industry, creating the best, highest-quality products to consumers.

Environmental Considerations

One important consideration for us when designing Vessel was the environmental benefits of rechargeable vape pens. Disposable vape pens impact the environment negatively and offer a sub-par vaping experience overall. Trends are leaning toward higher-quality, reusable vape pens as they provide a longer lasting and better vaping experience. Many people value the chance to attain a better vaping experience and help the planet at the same time, and we knew the best vape pens would offer this chance. The land and sea will thank us for not tossing vape pens into landfills.

Performance & Power Level Switching

In order to get the best performance from our vape pens, we created a game changing feature, the performance air intake tip. This design feature allows consumers to have a more powerful and flavorful draw. The days of weak underwhelming draws from your vape pen are over. 

Another feature we knew was important is power level switching. Changing the heat levels is one of the most powerful ways to change your vaping experience. Altering the voltage levels is a great way to customize both the flavors of your chosen oil and change the way that the inhale feels or “hits” in your mouth and chest. Unfortunately, many vape pens do not offer a way to change the power levels at all.

The ability to switch the power level becomes even more important when using a vape pen as THC vape pen or CBD vape pen. The ability to lower your power output means that you can keep flavors and terpenes intact to truly reflect the nuances of your favorite strains. Similarly, when using your Vessel vape pen as a CBD vape pen, it's possible to fully extract the helpful compounds from the oil without damaging them.  

In the case of Vessel products, three versatile temperature modes are available. They are easily controlled by the user with a three pushes of a button. It’s a great advancement in the world of vaping to have the opportunity to try out different temperatures to see what you really enjoy.

Signature Designs

As time goes on, more and more vape device companies put out low-quality, dull designs making it hard to find vape pens that truly have character. We made Vessel with the intent of providing vape pen consumers a product they feel is a true extension of their personality. From real walnut wood to tactical style grips to beautiful rose-gold, we want every Vessel to elevate your vaping experience. 

The Impact of Cannabis on Vaping Technology

The gradual legalization of cannabis in the United States for both medicinal and recreational use has had a huge impact on vaping technology. Many individuals are beginning to turn to vaping as an alternative to smoking cannabis or ingesting edibles. It is a controllable, smoke-free high that appeals to recreational and medical users alike. Aside from using THC to experience the associated high, some users implement CBD oil into their vape pen to reap the many potential health benefits. With all of this in mind, it’s important to look for vape pens (now and in the future) that are versatile for various uses and substances. The landscape is rapidly changing, as taboos are replaced with excitement and curiosity in a growing market for THC vape pens and CBD vape pens.

If you are interested in learning more about cutting-edge Vessel vape pens, check out our incredible line-up of vape pens.