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Best Vape Pen Case - What to Look For & Why They're Important

Best Vape Pen Case - What to Look For & Why They're Important

Why Vape Pen Cases Are Important & What To Look For When Buying One

When looking for vape accessories, a vape pen case should definitely top the “must-buy” list. The beauty of the vape pen is that you can take it on-the-go, so a high-quality vape case is essential. With a durable carrying case, you can keep your pen secure when bringing it to social gatherings and beautiful destinations. When life offers adventure, bring your vape pen along (and get yourself a handy vape case to do it.)

Do You Need a Case?

Not sure if you really need a case for your vape? Nearly anyone who is into vaping can benefit from a solid carrying case. It’s a great option for people who want to keep their vaping discreet. And, it’s perfect for someone who travels often! If you lose things easily or have a history of dropping or breaking your valuables, this vaping accessory is a must. 

6 Reasons Why Vape Pen Cases are Important

If you aren’t sold on the idea that a vape case is necessary, here are a few reasons why they’re beneficial for you and your vape pen. 

1. You’ll be less likely to lose your pen

A good vape pen is an investment, making it an expensive mistake to lose it. Plus, misplacing your pen when you need it most is extremely inconvenient. Using a sturdy carrying case can keep your pen from rolling into the couch cushion, falling out of your pocket, or disappearing into the depths of your backpack.

2. It helps keep your vape pen clean

When your vape pen is rolling around in the depths of your purse or backpack, there are all sorts of dirt that can get on it. From makeup and dust to crumbs from your granola bar, your pen could get clogged up and damaged if you don’t keep it protected in a case. 

 3. A case can help keep it discreet

If you want to keep your vape pen discreet, a case is a must. Many people carry their vape pens with them but don’t always want to make it obvious. Whether you’re at work, on campus, or visiting your grandparents, you can conceal your vape pen in a carrying case so no one can see what you’ve got. 

4. It can preserve the life of your pen

The secret to a long-lasting vape pen is a sturdy vape pen case. A case can protect it from dents and scratches that can easily occur when on-the-go. Plus, it’s less likely that you’ll damage the mechanisms for charging or drawing out vapor.  

5. It can hold a backup pen

Why bring one vape pen when you can have two? A quality vape case will have room to hold at least two pens so you’ll never be without. Having a second pen on hand can ensure you’ll have something to vape if you lose one, run out of battery, or use up all your oil. Plus, it’s great for bringing to a party or on a hike with friends so you can share the wealth.

6. You’ll avoid pressing buttons 

If your vape pen is rolling around loose in your bag, pocket, or purse, you risk pressing the outer buttons by mistake. This could turn your vape pen on (unless it  turns off automatically like Vessel) and waste your battery. The temperature settings may get pressed as well, without you realizing it. A vape carrying case can keep your pen secure so the settings remain exactly how you left them. 

4 Things to Look for in a Vape Pen Case

If you’re ready to buy a vape pen case, it’s important that you know what to look for. There are a lot of vape accessories on the market but a case for your pen can be one of the best investments you’ll make. Here are a few things to look for when purchasing a carrying case.  

1. Room for multiple batteries and cartridges

Choose a case that has room for more than one pen. Having room for extra cartridges and batteries is essential if you want to always be prepared. Whether you run out of vape oil or battery power, you’ll have a backup so you can keep vaping when you need it most. Plus, you can keep two vape pens to share with friends.

2. Bands to keep things in place

A great vape case should come with bands to hold the vape pen and cartridges in place. This will ensure that your pen doesn’t fall out when you open your case. If they aren’t secured inside the case, they could fall out upon opening. The vape pen case is supposed to help you avoid denting and scratching your pen, so security bands just make sense. 

3. Durable outer layer

There’s nothing more important in a vape case than durability. After all, you want to keep your vape pen protected and secure. It’s great if you can get a case made of EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate) which is known for its durability. This material is rubber-like and has a resistance to cracking and water. The Vessel vape pen cases are made from EVA and polyester so they look stylish while also offering superb protection. 

4. Warranty 

Finally, an added perk to buying a vape pen case is a warranty. A quality company will stand behind their products and offer a warranty to customers. Brands like Vessel offer warranties on their vape pen cases so their customers can feel confident with their purchase. This can give you an added boost of trust in the investment you're making for your vape pen. 

If you own a vape pen or are considering buying one, getting yourself a durable vape pen carrying case is essential. It can make vaping more convenient, stylish, and fun. Remember, a quality vape pen is an investment, and protecting this investment will help it last.