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9 Things To Look For When Buying A Vape Pen For Cannabis

9 Things To Look For When Buying A Vape Pen For Cannabis

Originally featured on Miss Marijuana, September 12, 2019


It’s official, the vaping trend is here to stay. Vape pens for weed are fitting in quite well with the rest of the cannabis industry. 

Essentially they’re a cannabis dream because they’re smooth, inconspicuous and easy to use, but just like with CBD oils, not every vape battery is created equal. 

And, that’s why cannabis companies like Vessel stand out as premium-quality THC or CBD oil vape batteries. 

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“While we strive for perfection at Vessel, realistically, we know there is no way to engineer the ‘perfect’ product. Our commitment is to accommodate the bell curve of today’s market varieties. It’s a daunting task but one that motivates us daily. With the momentum we’ve built since launch in 2018, we are working tirelessly to bring forth new innovation, new designs to set new industry standards – this has always been our ultimate goal,” says James Choe, Co-Founder & CEO of Vessel.

Companies like Vessel are setting the standard for what a quality vaping product should be. They check all the boxes you should be looking for when purchasing the best vape pen for marijuana. 

With so many choices out there, buying the perfect vape pen can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve decided to break down 9 of the most important features you should look for when making your purchase. 

1. Quality airflow 

Airflow is pretty important when it comes to choosing a vape pen. After all, that’s kind of the point right? The ability to change the airflow, as well as a physical design that promotes high-performance air intake is crucial.

Increased airflow is less harsh on the throat, results in more vapor, and a cooler draw. A decreased airflow can be harsh on the throat, offers less vapor, and has a tighter, warmer draw. 

2. A vape pen that turns off automatically

If you tend to be forgetful, (totally guilty) a vape pen that turns off automatically is a must! Look for a pen that turns off automatically after 15 to 20 minutes. This will help to preserve your battery so you’ll never be left stranded with a dead pen.

And if you’re the type to let your vape pen loose in your purse, you won’t have to worry about those buttons being pressed by mistake and your pen staying on all day. 

3. Long-lasting battery power

Nobody wants to carry around a dead vape pen. That’s why it’s important to buy one that has the best battery life available. You don’t want to be in the middle of a festival or a heated political argument with that twice-removed uncle at Thanksgiving, with a DEAD vape.

Look for a pen that has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery (240mAh). Casual users can expect a week’s worth of battery life from one charge. 

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 4. 510 thread compatibility

A vape pen with a 510 thread compatibility will be capable of working with most quality cannabis oil cartridges and is considered the market standard. This means that you’ll have more choices and options when it comes to choosing cannabis oils for your vape pen.

Keep in mind that some cannabis oil brands use cartridges of varying widths. So, while it may be a 510 thread, it won’t always fit. Brands like Vessel make it even easier to make sure your oil cartridge will fit. According to their website:

“Oil brands in the market use a variety of different cartridges so while the thread may be the same, the diameter may be too wide. In case you have a measurement tool handy, our line (out of the box) will accept cartridges less than 10.8mm in diameter. However, if you come across a cartridge that is larger, you are able to remove the top portion of the device (“transition module”) to accommodate the larger cartridge.”

5. At least three power settings

A variety of power settings are a must for any quality vape pen. Not everyone has the same needs when vaping, so having options is always important. This is part of the reason why cannabis vaporizers are growing in popularity because they allow consumers to really customize their experience.

These settings will help control the dosage per inhale and are typically offered as low, medium, and high. Look for a vape pen that offers power settings such as 2.8V, 3.2V and 3.6V.

6. Smart design

A quality vape pen will keep technology in mind with regards to design. Looks are important but intuitive features are what will really set a pen apart.

A high-tech pen should offer key features like a battery life indicator (so you know when you’re low,) power settings (to change your dose,) and charging status. 

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7. USB charging

Many marijuana vape pens offer a USB charging port. Any pen that requires you to unscrew it for charging may be a little behind the times.

This can be pretty inconvenient and simply unnecessary when so many vape pens offer USB and magnetic USB charging cords. 

8. Style

While style may not be the most important factor when choosing a vape pen, it certainly does matter.

Look for vape pen brands that offer a sleek design with a variety of colors and aesthetic features that make you feel good. Looking good is feeling good so why not choose a pen that allows you to vape in style?

9. Warranty 

A vape pen brand that stands behind their products is much more likely to offer a warranty. If you come across a company offering a warranty (typically one year) on their pens, you may feel more confident in your purchase.

While all vape pen brands are different, the warranty may offer benefits like replacement or repair of your product. 

Buying a vape pen for marijuana should be fun, but it should also be treated as an investment. If cannabis is part of your health and wellness routine, you’ll want to make sure that your vape pen is up to par.

And, make sure to always be careful about where you purchase the cannabis oil that you plan on using in the vape pen. Counterfeit oils do exist so always make sure to get yours from a reliable source like a dispensary.  

Happy vaping!


Shannon Ullman, Miss Marijuana is a writer who covers cannabis culture, news, and lifestyle. 

-Created in partnership with Vessel