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10 Exciting Places to Take Your Vessel Expedition

10 Exciting Places to Take Your Vessel Expedition

The Expedition line of Vessel vape pens is built for adventure. Strong anodized aluminum, a knurled grip design, and superior durability make this the vape pen of choice for any excursion. Additionally, it’s an ideal THC vape pen, and/or CBD vape pen. Of all vape pens for sale on the market – this one stands alone and is ready for a great adventure.

In 10 of our great United States, it is legal to smoke, vape, or consume cannabis in a recreational fashion. In all of those 10 beautiful states, there are tens or hundreds of sites to see and adventures to take. We've selected one favorite activity from each of them. As a premium THC vape pen or CBD vape pen, it makes an excellent companion for legal recreational or medical use. Here are a few of the places you and the Expedition can roam:

Washington – Coffee Tour of Seattle

Vape on the go during a walking tour of some of Seattle’s best coffee destinations. Not only is Seattle the most notable city in Washington state, it’s also the home of some of the nation’s best coffee – including the original Starbucks. Plus, the dreamy, misty air goes unbelievably well with a steaming cup of joe and a perfect puff from your Expedition.

California - Camping Along the Pacific Coast Highway

Though driving under the influence of THC is in no way legal or encouraged – taking a camping road trip down the PCH definitely is. The Pacific Coast Highway is beautifully dotted with coastal towns, oceanfront camping, cinematic sunsets, and rugged cliffs. Think of how nice it is to take your vape pen in a campground or on the beach without worrying about where to put out your smoke! That is a little taste of freedom.

Oregon – Portland Area Hiking

In addition to all of the music, art, breweries, and hip culture Portland has to offer, many amazing hikes lie within an hour of the city. These include Rooster Rock, Puff Falls (how ironic in an article about vape pens!) and Tamanawas Falls. Portland is a bottomless treasure trove of adventure.

Colorado – Enjoy the Sites of the Front Range

When you think of recreational cannabis and vaping, you may also think of the great state of Colorado. The Centennial state has always been on the frontier of activities perfect for bringing your vaporizer pen, decompressing, and getting in touch with nature. The Front Range area of Colorado is the heart of the state, encompassing Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, Estes Park, and more.

Within those cities (which are all within an hour and a half from one another), you could visit Red Rocks Amphitheatre, hike a 14,000-foot mountain, tour breweries, and visit the Stanley Hotel (famous for being the hotel that inspired The Shining). All the while, your Expedition will be your traveling companion. Keep in mind, though, THC and CBD affect some individuals differently at higher altitudes.

Nevada – Tikaboo Peak in the Town of Alamo

This next destination is for the conspiracy theorist in all of us. Though there are many things to do in Nevada, one activity that’s far less cliché than hitting up Vegas is visiting Tikaboo Peak – the only place where the general public can sneak a view of Area 51. In the tiny town of Alamo, Nevada, you take a 25-mile dirt road that leads to a path. Next, you hike a short-but-arduous 1.5 miles to arrive at the summit. From the top, you can enjoy a beautiful, desolate view, but also a view of one of the nation’s most mysterious locations.

Alaska – Cannabis Friendly Cruise

Recreational use of cannabis is now legal in Alaska – the wild and rugged 49th state. A popular way of visiting the great north is via cruise. Due to the new laws, there are THC friendly cruise experiences. Enjoy ocean views, the northern lights by sea, and all the unspoiled wilderness you can dream of all while using the best vape pen.

Michigan – The New Detroit

While the city still has its gritty areas, it’s also been home to a surprising artistic revival in recent years. Because real estate is so affordable, many starving artists from all over the country have moved there to build creative lofts, start-up businesses, breweries, art studios, and more. Not only is it a great American city, but it's also one of the unique and compelling art scenes to visit. Get there while it's still cool, affordable, and quirky. Be sure to take your Expedition vape pen along for the journey.

Vermont – Woodstock

Woodstock, Vermont is nestled in a forest landscape, with easy access to great food, drink, and hiking. Repeatedly voted the most charming town in America, it’s positively New England paradise. Even the fast-food restaurants are charming, as they have to conform to the historic look of the town. This is the perfect slice of heaven to get away from it all up north. Autumn is the most picturesque time to visit.

Massachusetts – Cape Cod

Who wouldn’t want to rent a beach house on Cape Cod? Something about the crashing waves, cozy pubs, and wood-shingle houses just makes you want to curl up by the fire with a good novel. Grab your Expedition vape pen and take some time to think, write, read, or just relax by the sea.

Maine – Bangor

Explore the gorgeous sites of the northeast in Bangor, Maine. Not only is the food and drink excellent and the weather perfect, there are lots of interesting nature preserves and national parks. Additionally, you can visit the famous Stephen King house, and even tour it if you’re a fan!

We hope this list encourages you to take along your Expedition vape pen and gear up for a new adventure.

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